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MMM has a well defined protocol for catering to its international customers. We at MMM understand that travelling from your own country to another country for medical treatment is difficult in addition to the trauma that you go through thinking about your ailment. All the staff at the hospital is trained to handle international patients, and extend their personalized services to the patient and their attendants. In order to make your stay comfortable, MMM provides you additional facilities like:.


I was very happy and pleased to visit MMM. Also I was impressed with the high standard and the top of the range facilities available in the hospital. Also, I was pleased with the wonderful results of the surgery as well as the IVF results, which is the highest in the world. I with you all the best for the future. God bless you.

Abdullah Bin Iami

A great story of service A great story of success Keep smiling them as you serve And this all the way And He will continue to bless & guide you And this all the way Keep smiling them all the way as you so serve..


Fabulous hospitality of Service; a most enjoyable conference. Many thanks..

Dylan Jenkins

Very impressed with the excellent facilities and the high level of professionalism displayed by members of the medical staff in providing high quality medical treatment and care. Thank you for looking after our patients from Fiji and look forward to further collaboration and partnership in healthcare services..

Luke Rokovada


International patient service office:

Our international patient service team and corporate relations can assist you to comply with the formalities for registering with the immigration, visa assistance and booking air tickets..

Language Assistance:

Interpreters are available to help you communicate freely.

Appointment with doctors:

Our international patient service team will take care of the patient’s appointment with the doctor once the arrival is confirmed.

Cultural & Religious requirement:

We respect and affirm the cultural and religious beliefs of our patient and do our utmost to support them. Our social work/ pastoral care department may kindly be contacted for any support you require in this regard.


From Airport pickup, to shopping, to sight seeing, we provide transportation for our convenience in a highly organized manner.

Lodging arrangements for Patient Relatives:

Our staff at the Front Office is available round the clock to assist you to find long or short term accommodation that suit your preferences and budget.

Special Diet:

Our diet team takes all steps to provide you the best food while you are in MMM.We also provide customized cuisines.

Computer Access:

In room internet access.

Financial services:

Advance payment is welcome but not mandatory.The full estimated payment must be paid during admission. To request an appointment please fill our ` ONLINE APPOINTMENT REQUEST’

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