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Guidelines for submission of articles to icvd journal

  • Kindly send 3 copies ( original + 2 copies ) of the manuscript including text, References, Legends, Tables and photographs.

  • The article Should be computer printout ( preferably typed in MS word) in double space with 2.5 – 3.0 cms margin on all sides on A4 size paper
  • Please check your document meticulously to to avoid any typographical errors / mistakes.
  • You are requested to send soft copy of your article in cd, duty labeling the cd with the file neme.
  • The article should be approx up to 7 -8 pages. Additional 2/3 pages may be used for references, tables & photographs, etc.
  • The article should be so written that the predominant emphasis is on “ Guidelines for day to day implementation”.
  • Please arrange the article as under :
    • Title page :- name of the author(s) with professional qualifications. Affiliation(s) and complete address ( separate page ) including E mail address and mobile no.
    • Abstract ( separate page )
    • Text of the article
    • References
    • Figures, legends, photographs & tables
  • Illustrations / Tables
    • Number the Illustrations & Tables
    • Give appropriate titles
    • Don’t repeat the information already given in the table again in the text
    • Send glossy prints of photographs
    • Write all the details at the back of the photograph by pencil
  • References
    • All the references should be in Vancouver style. The references must be numbered, cited in the text and listed in serial order. These references are to be quoted as under
  • Journals
    • Authors, Title of the article, journal , year , volume : page numbers ( from …. To …)
  • Books :
    • Authors , name of the chapter , name of the editors, name of the book, city publisher , Volume / edition year : pages ( from … to .. ). Keep the references as minimum as possible which are absolutely essential in the context of the article.
  • Abstract
    • 250 word abstract / summary of the article to be sent on a separate page as indicated earlier.
Please check the manuscript for all the points given in the guidelines to ensure            that your article is complete and can be taken up for printing immediately







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