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Department of transfusion Medicine - Blood Bank

The Madras Medical Mission Blood Bank is a state-of-the-art, a licensed blood bank since 1990 with 24 hour facility, which offers the entire spectrum of services from blood collection to testing and component separation. It’s services are organized according to functional areas handled by skilled and experienced Technologists.

Our blood bank handles over 15,000 units of blood every year and more than 1000 transfusions every month. We also provide Whole blood and blood components. Stringent practices ensure that every unit that leaves the blood bank is safe for patients.

The centre uses technologically advanced equipment for the transfusion, automated blood grouping, cross matching, screening for antibodies, preparation of blood units without contamination, effective storage of all blood and blood components, separation and storage of blood components, preservation of clotting factors ensuring the quality of donated blood and blood components.

The Blood Bank is equipped with auto-analyzers for analyzing samples with a short turnaround time. Being a multi-disciplinary lab, we can holistically monitor each patient, Expert Services (24 x 7). Bidirectional interfacing establishing zeroing on pre and post analysis errors. We have a blood storage to global standards which promises instantaneous and effective blood supply to the patients.

  • For Enquiry / Blood Donation : 044-26568050 / 044-67338050
  • Blood Donation Timing (Sun to Thu) : 09.00 am – 04.00 pm
  • Blood Donation Timing (Fri & Sat) : 09.00 am – 01.00 pm
  • Download Instruction Manual for Blood Donation


Dr. R.Saibabu., MBBS, DCP is a Senior Consultant and Head at The department of Transfusion Medicine - The Madras Medical Mission, Chennai. He has a very vast experience in the field of Transfusion Medicine and clinical Laboratories. He has been honored with many prestigious national awards which includes Award of “Patron Associate” received from Velammal Educational Trust in 2000 and “Meritorious Service Award” in Blood Transfusion Services for 2016-2017 from Madras Voluntary Blood Bureau and Association of Voluntary Blood Donor. He has published 15 articles in journals and books. He has earlier worked at Frontier Life Line as Senior Consultant and Head in Laboratory services and Vijaya hospital.

Blood collection

  • THE MADRAS MEDICAL MISSION’s donor complex has facilities for anonymous and directed donations and remains open throughout the day. Pre and post donation counseling is accessible.
  • Blood is collected only from voluntary donors who satisfy our stringent selection criteria and after proper screening tests for infectious diseases. THE MADRAS MEDICAL MISSION’s blood bank meets all the standards set by the Central Authorities, State Authorities, ISO, NACO and NABH for Blood Banks.
  • The Department also has the facility to register donors for an emergency panel to meet requirements when a specific blood group crisis occurs.
  • The Department of Transfusion Medicine also organizes voluntary donation camps in various institutions also provides grouping cards & certificates to all voluntary blood donors.

Component separation

Blood component separation enables optimum utilization of a minimal resource & promotes rational use of blood.

Blood and Blood Products Available In Blood Bank

  • Whole Human Blood
  • Packed Red Blood Cells
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Cryo Precipitate
  • Platelet Concentrate

Transfusion-transmitted infection screening

All donor units are screened for transfusion-transmissible infections such as HIV I ⅈ Ag-Ab, HBs Ag, HCV Ag - Ab, Anti HBc (T), using the advanced Abbott Architect i1000SR system, syphilis (VDRL) by RPR method, Malaria antigen by rapid card method and Antibody Screening (3Cell Panel) with IH-500 Bio Rad. Any confirmed infected donors were counseled and referred to further healthcare.

Antibody Screening Test & Antibody Identification

  • Irregular Antibody is detected using 3 cell panel – DiaCel I II III.
  • If screening test is positive and/or incompatible cross match detected,antibody identification should be performed using a reagent 11 cell panel that covers all the significant antigens.
  • If incompatible cross match detected then the corresponding antigen negative blood has to be provided for safe transfusion..

Quality control

Quality control is of paramount importance at THE MADRAS MEDICAL MISSION. In order to ensure provision of safe and quality blood, regular quality control checks are done for all reagents, antisera, blood components and equipment. The department also participates in an external quality assurance EQAS & BEQAS and Inter Laboratory Comparison Based on NACO guideline and NABH & NABL Standards

Facilities to assure safe blood and blood components

  • THE MADRAS MEDICAL MISSION’s Transfusion Medicine - Blood Bank facility uses advanced CMIA technique to assure patients of safe blood and blood components.
  • The ARCHITECT PLUS (Abbott) and EVOLIS TWIN PLUS (Bio-rad) fully-automated for transfusion-transmitted, infection testing system helps to prevent transmission of infection.
  • The IH-500 (Bio-rad) fully-automated grouping and cross-matching system is used for platelet cross-matching, antibody screening with 3 Cell panel and direct and indirect Coomb’s tests.
  • Platelet incubators and agitators are used to store platelets at 22oC and agitate them constantly to avoid platelet aggregation.
  • The CRYOFUGE refrigerated centrifuge separates blood components from whole blood effectively.
  • Plasma freezers maintain the potency of clotting factors.
  • The MACOPRESS Automatic blood component separator helps to harvest high-quality blood products.
  • The SYSMEX fully-automated cell counter is used to check RBC, WBC, hemoglobin & platelet count.

Immuno -Hematology Investigations

  • Blood Grouping And Rh Type
  • Direct Coombs Test
  • Indirect Coombs Test
  • Rh Antibody Titre
  • Cross Matching Techniques
  • Du Test
  • Antibody Screening (3cell Panel)
  • Antibody Identification (11 Cell Panel)
  • Red cell Phenotyping

Serology Investigations

  • HBc Ab Total by CMIA
  • HBsAg by CMIA
  • HCV Ag & Ab by ELISA
  • HIV 1& 2 Ag& Ab by CMIA
  • VDRL– Slide Flocculation
  • Malaria- Card TEST

Training / Initiative

  • Periodic internal and external trainings are provided to the staffs
  • Periodic clinical training classes for B.Sc and M.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology students
  • Internship programme for B.Sc and M.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology students

Leuco-filtration of blood components

Removal of leucocytes (a type of white blood cell) from blood components is done to minimize the reactions of the transfused blood, HLA all immunization and platelet refractoriness in multi-transfused patients, and prevent transmission of leuco-tropic viruses such as EBV and CMV. This is very important considering the rising incidence of hematological cancer patients who require multiple blood transfusions.

THE MADRAS MEDICAL MISSION BLOOD BANK is the one of the institutions where all WB & PRBC is 99.9% leuco-filtered according to international standards.