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Division of PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine uses radio-isotopes for diagnosis and treatment. The department is equipped with high resolution SPECT Gamma camera with whole body imaging facility. Myocardial perfusion studies employing radio isotopes are an integral part of cardiac investigations and form a platform to assess the amount of ischemia and functional recovery following the various treatment modalities. This unit is also involved with nuclear imaging of renal, lung ,bone hepato biliary ,thyroid etc

High dose radio-iodine therapy for thyroid cancer in isolation ward and other radio-isotope therapies are routinely done

PET/CT: In addition to conventional nuclear medicine studies Positron emission tomography (PET) along with CT (computer tomography) has been introduced. The state of art 128 slice low dose CT with high resolution LSO based Time of flight (The first of its kind in India) PET scanner not only does all PET studies but also all routine CT exams including coronary angiograms and all vascular CT studies.

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