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The Madras Medical Mission Hospital has been awarded the Green OT (Green Operation Theatre) Certification in Chennai by the Bureau Veritas Certification India Pvt Ltd.

Certification process covered parameters like air flows, OT set up, anaesthesia machines, types of volatile agents used, filling systems adopted and scavenging systems in place for which 72 of India’s top private hospitals enrolled. In Chennai MMM is the second hospitals enrolled the panel. “Green” connotes cleaner techniques using modern technology and processes with a sensitive approach to environment.

As a part of the process Bureau Veritas conducted independent assessments and audits of the hospital that focused on prevention of surgical site infections, safe anaesthesia, surgical teams and equipment and a measurement and quality assurance mechanism.

The Green OT certification project is a first in the world certification and also the first 'Make in India' certification protocol developed by Bureau VERITAS in conjunction with Abbott India and multi-hospital stakeholders like clinicians, bio-medical, hospital QA, Green House Gas surveyors and administrators.